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“May you live in Interesting times”

I’m not sure if that really is a Chinese Curse or Proverb; but I am sure it’s referenced in a Terry Pratchett book, so that makes it a good enough quote for me. 

And they certainly have been. 

Like many other creatives who are freelance, this has been an incredibly hard year for me, with little or no work, and little support from the government. So ironic, considering that so many people have been sat at home consuming more than ever of the exact product that we – those very creatives – usually make.  There’s many talented people who’ve left the industry, simply because of the financial strain. So, all in all, I consider myself very lucky.

During the lockdown, it was great to see both Des and Honour on our TV screens. Incredibly proud of both of those shows. It’s lovely to look back now 12 months ago when we were shooting Des in London, knowing that we were working on something rather special – directed by the talented Lewis Arnold, and produced by the wonderful David Meanti. Lovely to work with Matt GIll and Laura Clough on that job. 

The same sound team finished Honour just before we started working on Des. This was also a lovely job – with an incredible story that needs a much wider audience. A great cast and crew, and lovely director Richard Laxton.

Honour TX

 Moving On..

After a very quiet 2020 since February, I’m now working on the next season of Cobra for Sky, through New Pictures;  with a fabulous sound team who are working incredibly well under the very strict Covid-19 Restrictions that are necessary just so we can keep making high quality Television and Films. I’ve spent a lot of time following and understanding the science, so that we can safely work on a TV Set,  and we are regularly cleaning equipment with isopropyl alcohol and UVC of the right wavelength – and utilising technology so that we minimise the risk of transmission.

There’s been alot of work on the kit in the past few months, upgrading and implementing all those little ideas that get tucked away, and also that have been necessary for safe Covid working practices. The new Scorpio has meant that I now have a much greater capability, and implementing the changes to the cart has meant that I have the greatest access to the amazing capability the Scorpio Offers. Software EQ and compression can be added pre or post fader – such that the ISO tracks can be left completely un-altered.

Most impressively (to me at least) is the Noise Assist algorithm – that allows for implementation of a noise reduction algorithm to the captured audio. I’ve set this up to operate on a duplicate of my mono mix bus; such that I can easily arm this track when I feel its necessary. Again this is completely non destructive to the ISO tracks or my usual mono Mix.

And on top of all that, the new pre amps sounds absolutely amazing.


December 2020