Location Equipment

I’m now predominantly working as a location sound recordist for film and television. I have my own equipement to cover simple corporate interviews through to a full feature film sound kit based on a cart

  • Recorders – Sound Devices 788 (+CL8/CL9), Sound Devices 633, Sound Devices Mix Pre3
  • Microphones – Sennheiser MKH70, MKH60, MKH50, MKH30, MKH8050,
  • Schoeps, Sanken. All with Rycote Wind Covers
  • Radio Microphones – Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid, 6 Channels + 2
  • Wireless Booms. Ch 38 Radio Licens
  • Comms – Sennheiser Wireless Comms and Headphones, 10 Channels.
  • Boom Poles – Panamic / Ambient
  • Ambient Timecode Systems, Tentacles
  • Drama Sound Cart – 2 HD video monitors,
  • Handbag kit – KT Systems Modular Bag System.
  • Remote Playback Speakers and players.
  • Hawkes Wood Power system
  • More XLR Star quad than I can shake a stick at.
  • Sennheiser HD25 Headphones.
Sound Devices form the heart of my kit
In the middle of Nowhere for Humans 3