Current News - April 2016

Well, It' s been a lovely start to the year working on the fabulous Moorside Project, with an amazing cast and crew. In four weeks we did nearly 700 slates, and most of those were on two cameras, some were even on three. A relentlessly paced job, but the perfomances that Paul Whittington was getting out of his actors was quite sensational. I was very lucky with my crew on that job as I had Sarah Howe and Matt Gill, supporting me all the way.


It's been sad to hear that Jericho won't be going again this year. Although it was some of the most extreme weather conditions I've ever worked in; it was always a truely lovely job to work on. But that has meant that I'm onto different projects for later on this year.


This year is looking fairly busy already, which is really great news. I'm going to be taking over the reigns from Tim Barker, when I step into the Humans series for Blocks 3 and 4 from June. Then hopefully there is another project with Paul Whittington coming up at the end of the year.


I've got some lectures to present at Lincoln University through April, as well as a couple of corporate things to keep me busy.

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